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About the Sefiros brand

Our skin is like origami. It is characterized by its fragility and at the same time it is remarkably strong. With improper care, it will begin to wither, but if we give it time, it will bloom. We have discovered the secrets of Asian treatments and combined them with the latest technologies. Enter the realm of Sefiros with us, where we have been offering exclusive care “tailored” to your skin for more than 8 years.


 Eastern philosophy and modern technology

the foundation stones of the Sefiros


Clean design

At Sefiros, we don’t like to be too fancy. We believe that a truly good product can best speak volumes for itself. We have combined the exclusive quality of our products with clean lines and minimalism that best describe what we offer: luxurious skin care without unnecessary embellishments. We’ll leave the beauty to you.

The interplay of tradition and innovation

We look to the future with hope and humbly turn to ancient tradition. We use modern science and established knowledge of skin care so that your skin receives the best care.

SEFIROS_Bara-075_sq (4).jpg

Joy of beauty

The goal of Sefiros is not only clean and healthy skin. We believe that skin care is a step away from relaxation, and relaxation promotes the production of endorphins and thus influences our mood. Find peace and well-being in your daily bathroom routine and convince yourself with us that quality skin care leads to real mental well-being.  
Revive the procedures of Asian healers, whose approaches we at Sefiros have supplemented with the most modern materials and precise processing of all products. Discover with us the latest trends in physiotherapy and wellness, which we regularly follow and find inspiration in. 
Get to know your skin better and give it what it rightfully deserves – the best. 

Sefiros cosmetic devices

At Sefiros, we know that skin care is more than just one product. On the contrary, it requires a high-quality and comprehensive solution that covers all the inconveniences that our skin contends with. Long-term experience in the field of cosmetics has also convinced us that it is necessary to take care of our skin deeply  – in the ideal case, we will find out what is bothering us and eliminate the problem completely. The Sefiros product range was therefore preceded by long-term testing and careful research on how to deal with wrinkles, dry skin and acne most effectively. We are now proud to present four products that make up the essential collection of devices to help you on your way to perfect skin glowing with health and vitality.



ultrasonic skin scrubber

An ultrasonic spatula equipped with ultrasonic vibrations – this is the Sefiros ScruSha5, which is the master of effective exfoliation and removal of impurities from the pores. 


skin tightening device

Sefiros EyeSha5 offers gentle and effective eye care using photon LED therapy. It smoothes fine lines, effectively reduces the sagging of the eye area and lightens dark circles under the eyes. 


silicone facial brush

The Sefiros BruSha5 with a specially improved brush head and three intensities for perfect adjustment of the cleaning will bring you a refreshing deep cleansing to the face. 


skin tightening device

Sefiros Gusha5, the king of anti-aging, as one of the few devices on the market, effectively rejuvenates not only the face and décolletage, but also the neck. The device combines multi-frequency vibration technologies along with lifting EMS electrical pulses via four massage electrodes. 

Comprehensive care

Every skin has different preferences. For this reason, all Sefiros products are adjustable in intensity, allowing you to tailor their effects to your skin. They meet maximum safety requirements, are very easy to use and will gladly become your helpers not only at home. Thanks to their compact design and practical packaging, they will proudly accompany you on the go. Do you want silky and radiant skin? Bet on Sefiros products. Read more about the parameters and technologies used in the Technology section. 

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